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I have written this program for my daughter Chantal. Since her first year of life she likes to sit on my lap and types on the keyboard of my Macintosh. She is always happy if something changes on the monitor or a tone appears.

The first version of Bambini was developed by this situation. It displayed different forms at every keystroke by random. Also, a tone was played. When Chantal was 3 years old and wanted a little more interaction, I added some additional games. The simple forms were also added by more effortful, lovely animal pictures, designed by Marcel Möri.

With version 3, I completely redesigned Bambini and enhanced the operation in many points. It consists, of altogether 5 different games now, which can be played with 5 different picture sets . Now it is very much easier to add own pictures. A version for Windows and Linux is available now, too.

What's new?

With the version 4.0.1 high resolution screens are supported. The program has also been adapted to the latest operating system versions.


End User License Agreement (EULA)

With download of an application, you accept the following conditions. This applies to the unregistered version, too.


You can download the archive for the corresonding operating system

There is also a version for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad available.




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